About Me

When creating my products I´m inspired by nature because nature is the source of life and its innumerable colors and shapes are endless. With my educational background as an architect and designer, I have worked with the construction and the design of interior spaces and furniture for architectural firms in Denmark, Sweden, France and England. I am a graduate from Aarhus school of architecture, L´Ecole d´Architecture de Paris- la- Seine and the University of California at Berkeley. Meeting and working with people from different parts of the world has influenced my idiom and sense of form and shaped my understanding of many cultures, which my work and products reflect.

 At Berkeley, I developed techniques working with welding, enameling and oil painting. It resulted in several art exhibitions in Berkeley and San Francisco, and later in France, Denmark and Sweden.

 Combining my background in design and the practice of art I have further developed my technique working with wood and mosaics and created a series of objects for the home. When walking in nature and seeing beautiful landscapes my creativity is stimulated and I try to transform my vision into organic structures combining materials and colors to create functional objects for everyday life. By using different natural materials such as iron, wood, mosaics and brass, I focus on creating products designed to feel nice and be visually and sensually appealing.

Design and photographs at this webpage © Birgitta Niepoort